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Jiz Lee & Dallas in Crash Pad Series Volume 4!


I want to be used. I want to have my hair pulled and my face fucked. I want to be pinned and fingered ‘til I come so many times I’m close to passing out. I want a hand around my throat. I want my cunt fucked until I’m limp and sore. I want to be used.

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Forever reblog. O__O


Forever reblog. O__O

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Up One Thigh and Down the Other


She tasted like coconut sunscreen and salt water. 

I kissed up one thigh, down the other, and then focused on the places in between.  I wanted to drown and devour all at the same time, but I let her voice direct me instead.  When I kissed her there she moaned quietly, and when I pulled gently with my teeth she grabbed my hair.  When I buried my tongue inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb she screamed and lifted her hips off the towel.

When I finally kissed her mouth and slid roughly inside her, she opened her eyes wide and gasped.  She looked around us as I kissed her neck, but all I could hear was the sound of waves and the ocean wind.  She tugged on my hair, pushed up on my shoulders, and turned my head to one side.

“Oh,” I said to the small crowd gathered around us.

“Should I stop?” I asked quietly in her ear.

“I’ll fucking kill you,” she said, pulling me deeper inside her and biting my lip with full force.  

Guy New York

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i’m losing myself in you.

play with me. wrestle with me. let me win. i’ll pin you down on the bed, straddle your hips. my hands holding your wrists above your head. i’ll steal a kiss or two as you grin up at me, eyes bright with that fire that sends me reeling. i’ll kiss you again, long and hard, almost losing myself in the taste of you. further down i travel, along your jaw, your throat, my hands losing their grip as your fingers interlace with mine. you gasp and moan as i move further down, a kiss along your collarbone, teasing around your ribs. my hands are free to wander now, fingers dancing lightly along your skin. it’s flushed, your skin. i place a kiss on your inner thigh and you jump at the touch, laughing softly at yourself. i smile against your knee and let my hand lay flat against your stomach, reveling in drawing this moment out as long as possible. my heart races at the sight before me. 


beautiful, incomprehensible, irreplaceable you. prone before me, eyes closed, head back. 

my head rises above the clouds at the thought.